What our customers have to say about us:

17/01/2015 - Everything was explained very clearly and I feel much more confident in all aspects.

Sue Moulton - Honiton

02/01/2015  Liz made the course easy to understand,informative and she gave me the confidence that I could do it.

J Bishopp

16/12/2014  The course was highly informative and enjoyable. The information was very well delivered.  Excellent.

Lorraine Sacus

12/12/2014   Liz's presentation was really clear and easy to understand.  Everyone was engaged.

Rachel Cole

04/12/2014  Liz has a superb knowledge of her subject and is able to answer difficult questions.  With a good use of real life examples.

Nat Cordon

13/11/2014  I felt really able to ask questions if I didn't understand something.  Also there was a friendly atmosphere with a very enthusiastic tutor.

Alison Severs

25/09/2014  The best course I've been on.  Liz made it really interesting with her own experences to share with us. 

Katie Lanham

23/09/2014     Liz was brilliant at delivering this course.  The best I've been on for keeping my attention and facilitating me being able to remember the information.  Her knowledge and sense of humour were excellent.

Karen Avery

27/09/2014   I feel I have refreshed my knowledge and gained alot of really useful new information to support me  within my role in the work place.  Thank you.

Jacky Baker

15/07/2014   The trainer, Liz Greenway was extremely knowledgeable and personable, making the two days very interesting and engaging.  I have learn't more on this course than on any other. 

Claire Hawkings

31/01/2017  Liz gave us background and medical info that helped to put the training into context - Excellent !

Julian Thomas, Georgeham Primary School, Headmaster.

PFA - 28/04/2016

The course was full of information, taught in a fun way.

I have come away from the course, feeling a lot more confident!  Tina Barbery


PFA- 2/09/2016

Question- "What was really good about this course"?

Answer- The pace, level, knowledge and relevence of the course. The best First aid training, I have attended in 12 years of teaching.  Gemma Golder

PFA - 16/11/2015

The best First aid course I've been on!  Liz, you explained to the point and your facts about first aid were interesting.

Deborah Sharland

20/01/2016  Food Hygiene level 2

The course was presented with humour and with the understanding of the needs of all the students - Excellent !

Andie Young

28/11/2019 - The knowledge that the tutor held was very indepth and above and beyond what we needed but it was fantastic to have someone with so much experience.

Nick Saxby

18/11/2019 - I liked the fact the trainer had first hand experience of what she was teaching and did it with a relaxed approach.    Anonymous